Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Posted on: Thu, Sep 21 2023 by Admin

In a display of confidence, members of Reform Jersey have re-elected Party Leader, Deputy Sam Mézec, and the executive leadership during the party’s Annual General Meeting held yesterday. Members also adopted a new Party Constitution, designed to pave Reform Jersey’s way towards government.

Posted on: Wed, Mar 29 2023 by Admin

Just 8 months into this government’s term of office, we have already seen the return of the dysfunctionality that the public had hoped we had left behind us. Last night‘s ITV Channel report, featuring damning comments from a government whistleblower, raises serious questions which must be addressed.

Posted on: Wed, Nov 09 2022 by Admin

Jersey’s biggest political party has brought forward a comprehensive ‘Housing Crisis Action Plan’, to be debated by the States Assembly as an amendment to the government’s proposed ‘Common Strategic Policy’.

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