Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Just 8 months into this government’s term of office, we have already seen the return of the dysfunctionality that the public had hoped we had left behind us. Last night‘s ITV Channel report, featuring damning comments from a government whistleblower, raises serious questions which must be addressed.

Whilst politicians are entitled to require high standards from civil servants, Reform Jersey believes this must never manifest itself into bullying. Ministers must work collaboratively and with courtesy towards public employees at all times.

The Chief Minister’s claim that her government opposes bullying is hard to accept, given just a few weeks ago she and her colleagues refused to support Deputy Geoff Southern in his efforts to stamp out behaviour in his Scrutiny Panel that resembles what is claimed is happening in Broad Street under her watch.

Her claim is further undermined by the Infrastructure Minister, Deputy Tom Binet, publicly speaking out and describing the explanation given for why Suzanne Wylie has resigned as “disingenuous”.

We are also greatly concerned that the Deputy Chief Minister, Kristen Morel, misled the States Assembly on 21st March, when he said that he was not aware of any future resignations when it transpired he was aware of the impending resignation of the CEO. He has provided an excuse for this which does not add up, and feels like a retrospective attempt to make his words fit the agenda.

In her ITV interview last night, the Chief Minister did not give any indication that she was considering serious action in response to these allegations. Reform Jersey therefore calls for an immediate independent investigation into the toxic culture in Broad Street and the circumstances which led to the resignation of the CEO.

If the current government leadership cannot govern in a way which meets the standards that the public expect, they should step aside.