Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

After facing our greatest public health crisis in a century and our second major economic crisis in just over a decade, this election now presents the people of Jersey with an opportunity to determine how we can build a better future together for our Island.

Reform Jersey’s manifesto proposes that we do not simply return to ‘business as usual’, but instead we advocate a ‘New Deal’ for Jersey.A ‘New Deal’ means using the same mobilisation of efforts we used to get through the pandemic to ensure our recovery is built on fairness and justice, whilst we resolve the other crises that threaten our future prosperity as a community.

Following the previous economic crisis of 2008, Jersey’s government attempted to build a road to recovery based on austerity policies, which meant large scale cuts in spending on essential public services. This approach failed then and must not be repeated now.

Despite committing to “reduce income inequality and improve the standard of living”, the current government has failed to take meaningful action to achieve this and, in some cases, has actively made things worse. They leave office having delivered a more unequal society than they began with.

The next government will have many challenges to overcome. The gap between the rich and poor has grown whilst poverty continues to rise, and wages have stagnated for a decade. Jersey faces a crippling housing crisis which is depriving many of hope of a decent life here. There is also so much more which needs to be done to truly ‘Put Children First’, respond to the climate crisis and fix our healthcare system.

Unlike other candidates and parties, Reform Jersey recognises that we will not resolve these issues with platitudes. We need a clear programme for change. If Reform Jersey leads the next government, we will propose a Common Strategic Policy based on these three priorities:

  • Create a More Equal Society
  • Prepare Jersey for the Challenges of the Future, and
  • Restore Government Accountability and Democracy.

With this manifesto, we are being clear with the public of Jersey on where we stand and what our members will seek to do if elected. This is our contract with the public.

A better Jersey is possible. We must not squander this opportunity to bring about a future for our Island which we can have confidence will deliver us all better lives. We need a ‘New Deal’ for Jersey. Together we can achieve this.