Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey
A New Deal For Jersey

As Jersey looks to the future beyond Coronavirus, we need a clear vision and a credible plan for how we can come together to get our Island back on its feet.

But we cannot just go back to where we were before. Instead, we have a perfect opportunity to create something better. Now is the time for a ‘New Deal’.

Before the crisis hit, Islanders had faced a decade of continued cuts to public services, frozen wages and soaring house prices. We must take advantage of the momentum we have from the mobilisation of efforts on the health crisis to now deal with our economic crisis and create a fairer society.

Our plan for Jersey's recovery is based on the 'Three Rs'; Relief, Recover and Reform. Our plan will:

  • Continue support for Islanders facing financial hardship
  • Provide access to primary healthcare for all, free at the point of need
  • Freeze rents until rent stabilisation measures are introduced
  • Establish pay rises for our front-line staff who worked so hard during this crisis
  • Refocus our economy towards the industries of the future (i.e. digital, green jobs)
  • Make our taxation system progressive and fair
  • Ensure a full "Crisis Response Plan" is developed for future crises

We have gone out to show our appreciation for our amazing front-line workers by applauding them on a Thursday evening. Now let's honour their dedication and sacrifice by creating the fairer society they deserve.

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