Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Posted on: Sun, Feb 09 2020 by Rob Ward

There seems to be a dialogue that exists in the public domain over the experience of States’ Members before entering the assembly to represent their constituents.

Posted on: Sun, Feb 02 2020 by Rob Ward

I admit that I am nervous about the coming months and years. Not just because of the political decisions made in the UK and further afield. But because of the significant decisions we have to make in the coming months here in Jersey.

Posted on: Mon, Sep 02 2019 by Rob Ward

We begin States sittings again this month, after the summer recess. The summer recess gives time to look back and to think ahead about what can be achieved in the coming months and years. There was still work going on and people to meet and try to help. And of course we have first site of the much awaited government plan. Fourteen months after the elections. More on this later.

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