Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Posted on: Thu, Sep 12 2019 by Admin

Reform Jersey believes that elected representatives should be accountable for the work of government. We are disappointed to hear that the Chief Executive Officer of the Government of Jersey denied a Minister access to information relevant to his portfolio. We see this an affront to democracy and the position of the Island’s elected representatives.

Posted on: Fri, Jun 21 2019 by Admin

Reform Jersey has elected Senator Sam Mézec as its Party Leader and Mrs Lyndsay Feltham as its Party Chairperson. This is the first time that these positions have been separated. The creation of the two roles separates political leadership from party administration, supports organisational growth and provides democratic accountability

Posted on: Wed, Mar 13 2019 by Admin

On 30th April, the States will debate a proposition lodged by Senator Mézec to end the dual role of the Bailiff and establish an elected Speaker, in time for the retirement of the incumbent Bailiff.

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