Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Jersey’s biggest political party has brought forward a comprehensive ‘Housing Crisis Action Plan’, to be debated by the States Assembly as an amendment to the government’s proposed ‘Common Strategic Policy’.

The amendment contains all the policies published by Reform Jersey during the general election campaign. This includes policies to; expand homeownershipimprove tenants’ rights, and work towards ending homelessness.

Party leader Deputy Sam Mézec said – “Jersey has a housing crisis which must urgently be addressed by the government. Islanders do not need yet another review or consultation which does not lead to tangible action to improve their lives. As things stand, the government has not provided clear proposals for how they will address the crisis.

“Only Reform Jersey has a clear plan on how to resolve Jersey’s housing crisis. These policies are carefully crafted and targeted. Each can be delivered if there is the political will to implement them. It is the only plan on the table and, if States Members vote to approve it, will give a mandate to the government to get on with delivering it, without further delay.”

The action plan includes measures such as:

  • Introducing European-style rent control and improved security of tenure for renters
  • Providing a shared-equity scheme to support Islanders into homeownership
  • Introducing the right for tenants to buy their rental homes when the landlord chooses to sell them

The debate will take place during the States sitting beginning on 22nd November.

The amendment itself can be read here. Reform Jersey’s Housing Crisis Action Plan from the election can be read here.