Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Posted on: Thu, Sep 23 2021 by Admin

Reform Jersey has responded to the publication of the Government Plan, criticising the lack of ambition shown by the Alliance Party-led government and their failure to set the groundwork for a post-pandemic recovery or deal with Jersey’s housing crisis.

Posted on: Fri, Jul 09 2021 by Admin

Yesterday Reform Jersey wrote to the Chief Minister, Education Minister and Health Minister to express the concerns which have been raised with us from people working on the front-line in our Education service and parents of children at school.

Posted on: Mon, Jul 05 2021 by Admin

The situation over the last few weeks regarding contact tracing and the mass isolation of children and adults highlighted the need for clear decision making. We are entering a new phase of the Covid pandemic where the vaccination of large numbers of our population is affording increased protection. Therefore, increased freedom of movement is welcomed. However, we must express the following concerns that need to be addressed.

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