Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Posted on: Mon, Dec 17 2018 by Rob Ward

I am writing this after a very busy States week that was dominated by the debates on the Common Strategic Plan (CSP), the Budget and a key proposition from Reform Jersey....

Posted on: Fri, Oct 13 2017 by Sam Mézec

Being a politician is a pretty surreal experience on the best of days. It's never dull and even in Jersey we often find ourselves lucky enough to enjoy a political theatre that matches up to the excitement of other jurisdictions (or at least it does if you're a geek like me). Today was strange.

Posted on: Tue, Aug 22 2017 by Sam Mézec

In September, the States Assembly will have it's first opportunity to vote on one of the recommendations of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry when it debates P.62/2017 lodged by Deputy Tadier to split the dual role of the Bailiff and allow the States to elect it's own Speaker.

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