Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Posted on: Wed, Jul 10 2024 by Sam Mézec

A speech delivered by Housing Minister and Reform Jersey Party Leader, Deputy Sam Mézec, to Chamber of Commerce members on 10th July 2024.

Posted on: Mon, Dec 04 2023 by Rob Ward

Overall last week's States sitting was positive. We finally have a landlord's licensing scheme in place. We prevented a step backwards in our Assembly by rejecting the return of Senators. And, my colleague won a vital part of his amendment on sizes of homes being built.

Posted on: Sat, Jun 10 2023 by Sam Mézec

With the closure of the arcade down at the Waterfront, the accusation that the area is turning into a ghost town has been raised again. There are no signs that anything meaningful will be done to bring life to that area whilst the question of the development of the whole site remains unanswered.

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