Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey
The Environment

“Reform Jersey believes that tackling climate change is the single biggest challenge humanity faces and that Jersey should be playing its part to protect our environment, reduce pollution and become more sustainable. Our natural environment is a huge part of what makes Jersey special and must be protected.”

It is no good just pointing at our excellent record in moving to low-carbon sources of energy generation like nuclear and hydro-electricity; we could and should go further and set targets for increasing our generation using renewable sources such as ground-based photovoltaic (PV) arrays on derelict land (such as the reclamation site at La Colette). As we wait to see PV generation become increasingly cost effective, we should also require new build accommodation to be PV-ready.

We will work with the JEC to revive the energy savings services outlined in Pathway 2050 including expanded targets for the Home Energy Scheme and the Energy Efficiency Service and agreeing joint funding for increased promotion for electric vehicles.

Renewable energy

As the “sunniest place in the British Isles” and with some of the greatest tidal reaches in the world, Jersey should be a pioneer for renewable energy. We pledge to work with the Jersey Electricity Company to produce ambitious targets for renewable energy generation. We will examine opportunities to benefit from wind farms in France, and local generation of solar and tidal power.


Planning regulations must be in place to ensure we protect both urban and countryside areas from over-development. In town, there must be an emphasis on access to open green space in densely populated areas as well as good traffic management. Properties must be built to appropriate standards on environment, space and access. It is also important that new developments fit in with their surroundings and do not detract from the character of their location.

Whilst we want to see Jersey’s historic buildings preserved as far as is possible, there must be flexibility for owners to be able to improve their properties for energy efficiency. A common-sense approach is required.


Reform Jersey has long campaigned for an Island-wide kerbside recycling scheme but has been knocked back by the Infrastructure Department because they would not work with the Parishes to achieve this. We would like this to be revisited so that recycling is made as easy as possible for all Islanders.

The States should also facilitate a plastic bottle deposit scheme with retailers.

Soil regeneration

The Jersey farming industry is world famous and something we need to support and develop. Unfortunately, in more recent years we have seen a greater reliance on fertilisers. The result of this can be seen by increased levels of nitrates in our water and the masses of sea lettuce on our beaches (especially St Aubin’s Bay).

We will support agriculture businesses which want to transition to regenerative agriculture. Regenerative agriculture refers to working with nature to utilise photosynthesis and healthy soil microbiology to draw down greenhouse gases. With the use of cover crops, compost, crop rotation and reduced tillage, we can sequester more carbon from our atmosphere. With the use of natural compost, we can move away from the nitrogen heavy artificial fertilisers, reducing the amount of nitrogen in our water.

We will reform the subsidies paid to the agriculture industry to incentivise more environmentally friendly farming methods and move away from the use of chemicals and nitrates.