Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey


Having our own indigenous language is part of what makes Jersey a special and unique place. It is important to make sure all efforts are made to preserve Jèrriais as a part of Island life. We will support the efforts being undertaken to create a comprehensive digital archive of recordings of Jèrriais being spoken to ensure that, even if the numbers of native speakers reduces, there will still be an authentic record of pronunciation and nuance that cannot be lost.

We will support teacher training for native Jèrriais speakers to enable them to teach the language to both adults and school children. Without this necessary step, the language will be at a severe risk of being lost.

Jèrriais est eune île spéciale et eunique, en partie viyant qué j’avons eune langue dé siez-nous. Ch’est împortant dé faithe seux qué j’nos êffouorchons pouor prêsèrver lé Jèrriais, pouor en célébrer et donner amour à chutte partie d’la vie ichîn – et don j’allons continnuer dé souôt’nîn l’programme d’èrnaîssance et d’êducâtion. J’allons souôt’nîn l’s êfforts tchi sont en allant pouor créer d’s archives digitales d’èrcordéthie du Jèrriais pouor faithe seux qué, même si y’a mains d’pâleurs natifs, y’étha un r’cord du prononciâtion et d’nuance tchi n’peut pon êt’ pèrdu. J’allons souôt’nîn la duithie des nouvelles maîtres et maitrêsses du Jèrriais pouor qu’i’ peuvent ensîngni la langue ès grands pèrsonnes et ès mousses. Sans chenna, i’ y’a eune risque sévéthe qué la langue s’sa pèrdue. J’allons souôt’nîn lé dêveloppement d’un plian d’langue compliet tchi va nos aîdgi d’sauvegarder l’Jèrriais pouor les généthâtions dé l’av’nîn.


We believe that the presence of people of different nationalities, races, cultures and religions in our Island is a source of strength for Jersey which is worth celebrating. Having people from around the world sharing different ideas and ways of doing things is both economically and culturally beneficial for all of us.

We will support all efforts made by our minority communities to share their cultural experience with the whole Island through their food and cultural festivals, as well as support their efforts to run help and advice centres so their members are better able to integrate at work and in public services. Where particular policies may have a disproportionate impact on people from particular religions or nationalities, we will endeavour to consult them to make sure their voice is heard.


Continuing to provide excellent and accessible sports facilities is essential to help Islanders keep fit and healthy. The States should continually ensure that adequate provision is provided. The achievements of Jersey’s talented sportsmen and women are rightly celebrated by us all. The States must support our sports clubs and athletes to make sure they are able to represent the Island in international competitions when that is what they aspire to do.

For ten years now, Jersey’s main skatepark has been left to deteriorate, without an adequate alternative facility being provided. The States should provide a modern facility and support Jersey’s skaters as we do for those in other sports.


We will support measures to improve access to the arts for young people and those from a poorer background, so that all Islanders can enjoy and take part in the rich offering we have in Jersey.