Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Jersey is facing many challenges which threaten our future prosperity and wellbeing as a community. How we respond to technological advances, climate change and international politics will determine what kind of Island society future generations will be able to enjoy.

Our future prosperity is not inevitable. It can only be secured by governments taking the necessary decisions to secure it.

Reform Jersey wants to ensure that the next government takes the necessary action to get Jersey prepared to meet these future challenges. The response to the pandemic has shown what is possible. Jersey can be nimble and react quickly when it is essential. We should use this same mobilisation of efforts to resolve the other challenges we are facing.

Whilst these challenges may seem daunting, they also present huge opportunities to strengthen our economy and improve our quality of life. With greater training and educational opportunities for Islanders, we will improve productivity in our economy and reduce the need for inward migration. By embracing technological advances, we can streamline many services and deliver greater accessibility and value for money. By achieving our commitments on reaching net-zero carbon emissions, we will reduce pollution, enhance our environment and reduce energy and transport bills.

But none of these things will be achieved by accident. The next government must not be complacent about these challenges. It must be determined to deliver on this vision and make the most of the talent and expertise we have in Jersey.

We owe it to Jersey’s young people especially, that we act today to ensure they can look forward to a future in a prosperous and sustainable Island, where they have all the opportunities they need to thrive and live happy lives.