Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey
The Bailiff

It is unfortunate that the Bailiff chose to use his privilege within today’s States Assembly to denigrate the report and recommendations of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry.

For a person who is unelected, and in a position that is meant to be apolitical, to use his position of power to denounce recommendations that have been accepted by a democratically elected government is unacceptable.  The comments made by the Bailiff only sought to protect his personal position and are not based on what would be the best outcome for the people of Jersey, or the care and protection of children.

We are disappointed that our elected States Members were not given the right to reply or ask questions following the Bailiff’s statement and, as he chose to make these comments at his last sitting, there is no opportunity to lodge a vote of censure. We are also disappointed that he refused permission for the Minister for Children to make his own statement on the matter.

Reform Jersey is committed to the position stated within our Manifesto, that the dual role of the Bailiff should end and that an elected Speaker should preside over the States Assembly.  This would improve democratic accountability and provide better value for money for the public.  It would also separate judicial and political powers.

Our Party Leader, Senator Sam Mézec, has issued an official statement as Minister for Children.  His full statement can be read on the Government of Jersey website.