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Reform Jersey
The Environment

On 30th April, the States Assembly will debate a proposition raised by Deputy Ward to take action on climate change.

On behalf of Reform Jersey, Deputy Rob Ward has lodged a proposition for the States to confirm:

That there exists a climate emergency in Jersey and that in order to deal with this situation:

a) Jersey should aim to be carbon neutral by 2030 and the Council of Ministers is accordingly requested to draw up a plan to achieve this, for presentation to the States by the end of 2019;

b) The Council of Ministers is requested to publish with the forthcoming Government Plan for 2020, a climate impact assessment on the proposals set out in the Plan; and

c) Consideration of action to tackle climate change in Jersey should be included as a standing item on the agenda of the Council of Ministers.

Climate change should be considered the greatest long term threat to our way of life, our future security and well being.”

“This proposition enables policy makers to have climate change included as a key factor in their planning. It is time for us as a community, a government and as citizens of the planet to have this consideration at the front and centre of our decision making. The legacy we leave for our children and beyond should be the measure of the success of the period of this States Assembly. Putting children first is at the core of this Government's priorities. Leaving a habitable planet to live on is at the very foundation of this pledge.”  

The proposition is due to be debated on 30th April.