Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Reform Jersey has elected Senator Sam Mézec as its Party Leader and Mrs Lyndsay Feltham as its Party Chairperson. This is the first time that these positions have been separated. The creation of the two roles separates political leadership from party administration, supports organisational growth and provides democratic accountability

Senator Mézec said ‘I am pleased to have been elected to lead the Parliamentary Party and serve as Reform Jersey’s political figurehead. I, along with the Party’s four other elected States Members, will continue working to deliver real outcomes in-line with our manifesto and election pledges'

We have achieved a lot over the past year, but still have a lot of work to do as this government term continues. As a group, we remain the only members of the States Assembly with a published Manifesto, which clearly states our policies and aims for this term of office.’

Mrs Feltham said ‘I am delighted to take on the role of Party Chairperson. I am looking forward to engaging with the Party membership to strengthen the organisation and working in partnership with Senator Mézec to ensure that party members continue to be at the heart of decision making. The focus for the coming year will be increasing party membership and connecting with community groups.’

Both positions were elected at the Reform Jersey AGM, which was held on Thursday 20 June.

The Management Committee was also elected.

Members at the AGM also received a report from Senator Mézec, as outgoing Chairman, highlighting the work of the Party over the past year. This included:

  • Deputy Alves won her proposition to introduce a compensation scheme for people suffering from mesothelioma, as a result of contact with asbestos.

  • Deputy Ward won a proposition to get commitment for a new youth centre to be built in the north of town, including £5m funding towards this.

  • Deputy Ward won a proposition on declaring a climate change emergency and becoming carbon neutral.

  • Deputy Tadier won a proposition to increase funding for arts and culture.

  • Senator Mézec has delivered on promises made in the Reform Jersey manifesto by bringing an amendment to the Budget to put forward our policy on Income Tax reform, and also a proposition to end the dual role of the Bailiff.

  • Deputy Southern brought forward two propositions to release funding from Consolidated Fund to enable public sector pay increases for 2018/19. Had these been successful they would have enabled the States Employment Board to negotiate more effectively with public sector unions and bring an end to the ongoing pay disputes that continue to affect our public services.