Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Sam Mézec will be standing for election as Deputy of St Helier South in the forthcoming General Election.

Having previously served as a St Helier Deputy for four years before being elected as a Senator at the last election, Sam will be leading Reform Jersey’s team, hoping to increase their representation in the States Assembly and play a leading role in forming the next Government of Jersey.

He said - "This election comes at a crucial moment for Jersey as we move on from the pandemic. Voters will have an opportunity to shape the government agenda which will determine how we get Jersey back on its feet. I strongly believe that we should not simply return to business as usual, but we should aim to resolve many of the problems Jersey has been facing which successive governments have failed to address."

Reform Jersey will be arguing for a ‘New Deal’ approach, which focuses on equality, sustainability and accountability. We believe that the main priorities of the next government should be to:
  • Create a more equal society
  • Prepare Jersey for the challenges of the future
  • Restore government accountability and democracy

"Even before the pandemic hit, Jersey had faced years of growing inequality. With the added challenges of Brexit, climate change and the effects of the war in Ukraine, many Islanders are extremely concerned about the increasing cost of living. The current government’s response to the housing crisis has been woeful. We need a government which will work to improve life for all Islanders."

"Reform Jersey has made an impact with just five members of the States Assembly, who have worked collaboratively to deliver our election promises. We have proved our effectiveness by reducing the cost of seeing a GP, reforming social housing rents and 
promoting more affordable public transport. But there is much more we could achieve with more Reform Jersey States Members. I am really excited to be leading a diverse and experienced team of candidates who will hit the ground running and make a difference from Day 1 if they are elected."

St Helier South (which encompasses the Waterfront, the main shopping area and Havre des Pas) will especially benefit from Reform Jersey’s policies.

"People in St Helier are deeply concerned by the lack of action there has been to resolve the housing crisis. There are efforts to build more and more homes in town, but little is being done to ensure these are genuinely affordable and that they aren’t simply bought by investors to rent out at extortionate prices."

"Reform Jersey will be proposing a ‘Housing Crisis Action Plan’ to be implemented as a matter of urgency by the new government. As part of this, we will be proposing that the proposed developments on the Waterfront and South Hill are remodelled to deliver more affordable housing. I will not accept that huge amounts of publicly owned land in St Helier South should given over for developments that do not command much public support, and which will be unlikely to deliver the type of urban regeneration town 
residents want to see."