Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey

Tom Coles will be standing for election as a Reform Jersey candidate in the constituency of St Helier South. This completes the party’s election team for this district along with party leader Sam Mézec and local market trader Beatriz Porée.

Tom is 40 years old and was born and raised in Jersey, having a career in a large security services firm where he has risen to Operations Manager. He has also served as a union rep and been part of the employee health and safety forum.

Since previously running for election in 2018, he has been a keen Reform Jersey activist and supported local environmental causes. He played a key role in helping establish the party’s policy position during the Bridging Island Plan debate to protect open green space from development.

On why he has chosen to run for election now, he said – “Watching the cost of living in Jersey spiral out of control, I have become increasingly concerned that we do not have the right people making the decisions to combat this crisis. I believe that the current government is not in touch with the majority of Islanders and cannot see the hardships that many working families are facing.” If elected, the environment and our response to climate change will be a key focus for Tom. “I want to help ensure that we all benefit from our transition to net-zero carbon emissions. So far, little more than lip service has been paid to this agenda. We must protect our green spaces and the sea around us. This is particularly important in St Helier where many people live in small apartments without access to open space and clean air.”

There is also much more the government could be doing to help transition away from harmful fossil fuels, by incentivising the use of biofuels and investing in more renewable energy production. Reform Jersey will prioritise green initiatives, for the benefit of our environment and our economy.”

He is also deeply concerned with the housing crisis and will work to support the implementation of Reform Jersey’s ‘Housing Crisis Action Plan’. “I am staggered that a 1-bedroom apartment costs, at least, £1,200 a month to rent. How can we say that there isn’t a problem with our private rental sector if someone on the Minimum Wage would have to work 130 hours just to pay rent?

Party Leader Sam Mézec said – “I am really pleased that Tom Coles will be part of our team in St Helier South. We have worked closely together for the last four years in Reform Jersey, and he is extremely passionate about improving life for Islanders. St Helier needs representatives who will stand up for them on these important issues on the cost of living. Tom’s dedication to this can be in no doubt.”