Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey
Rob Ward

We welcome the report of the Citizens’ Assembly on climate change. When we brought the original proposition to declare a climate change emergency, one of the key reasons was to put the climate change emergency firmly onto the agenda of the States Assembly. The work of the Citizens’ Assembly is an important element of the ongoing dialogue around climate change and a key driver for our future actions.

We urge the States Assembly to be bold, proactive and be the catalyst for change in order that Jersey leads the world in action to combat climate change. We have an opportunity to be a model jurisdiction and act as a role model for the world.

Reform Jersey will be studying the report carefully to examine how these proposals can be placed into our policy platform for our next manifesto, and then plan for government.

Deputy Ward is part of a Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Committee on Climate Change that seeks to influence decision making at COP 26 in November. It is hoped that the work of the Citizens’ Assembly can be part of this work.

You can read the full report here -