Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey
Some people in a bar

Come join us for our next 'Pint and Politics' event! We'll be gathering upstairs at the Green Rooster pub to have a few drinks and talk about the things you think would make Jersey a better place.

Date: Fri, Jan 26 2018
Time: 20:00 to Late
Location: Green Rooster, Minden Place, St Helier

This new series of events will be "the Manifesto" where we want to ask YOU to make the case for policies which you think would make Jersey a better place.

We'll kick things off with a few ideas, make the case then ask people to vote by a show of hands if they support the idea. Then we'll hand over to you to make an impromptu proposal for us all to debate.

But this isn't just for serious policies! If you want to make us debate something silly or something which seems like a joke but actually kinda makes sense, then we want to hear it!

We hope this will be a good laugh. Bring a friend. Non-members more than welcome!

Here's how it will work - Deputy Mézec will get us warmed up by proposing three policies for Jersey, followed by 5-10 minutes of debate, and then a vote on whether that policy should be adopted. Anyone can speak for or against the policy.

Then it's open to you! Attendees will have the chance to propose their own policy for Jersey, followed by the rest of us having a chance to build on it or shoot it down in flames. You can propose literally whatever you like, whether it's a genuinely good idea or something a bit whacky!

We're hoping this will be a good laugh.

We've based it on the comedian Mark Thomas's show "the People's Manifesto" where he went round the country taking policy ideas from the audience.

Here's some examples of policies his show adopted -

  • "The introduction of a maximum wage."
  • "Party political manifestos should be legally binding."
  • "People who complain there are too many immigrants will be banned from restaurants serving anything other than British food."
  • "On the voting card there should be a box that says 'None of the above.'"
  • "That Windsor be renamed Lower Slough."
  • "We should build 100,000 council houses a year."
  • "If it pisses down with rain on a bank holiday, it will be considered a rollover."
  • "The Daily Mail should have to declare on the masthead 'The newspaper that supported Hitler!'"
  • "There should be a public referendum before going to war."