Reform Jersey
Reform Jersey
Dr Rupa Huq

To mark the occasion, we are hosting a seminar this weekend with Labour MP Rupa Huq and Unite activist Lesley Mansell to talk about how Jersey can lead the way on progressive causes.

Date: Sat, Mar 10 2018
Time: 18:30 to 20:00
Location: Jersey opera House

Exactly 100 years after some women were granted the vote in the United Kingdom, the struggle for the equal treatment of and respect for women continues.

Two women continuing the campaign for equality are Rupa Huq MP and Lesley Mansell. We are delighted to welcome these two outstanding women from the world of politics to Jersey for this special seminar to mark International Women's Day, 2018, the theme of which is 'Press for Progress.'

Dr Rupa Huq is a British Labour MP representing Ealing Central and Acton. She was first elected in 2015, narrowly beating the Conservative incumbent with a 274 vote majority. Two years later at the snap election of 2017, she increased this to a whopping 16 000 plus majority, gaining 60 per cent of all votes cast.

She is a columnist, academic, DJ and mother to 13 year old Rafi, who is already a seasoned campaigner.

Rupa will be joined by Lesley Mansell, a veteran political activist, trade unionist of over 45 years, and a local councillor of ten years. She works for the NHS as an Equality and Diversity manager.

Lesley will be talking to us about her various experiences in politics including her campaign in 2017 for the West of England Mayoral Election, where she came a very close second gaining 48.4 per cent of the vote. She has also worked in the Higher Education and Engineering sectors.